It is with great honor, inspired vision and sisterly love to greet you on behalf of the New Dominion Section (NDS) of NCNW in Virginia.  Since our chartering on June 3, 2018 we have been paving our way in service to our community.  

The State of Virginia has been known for years as “Old Dominion”, as it is one of the 13 original colonies. We want to be the change agent and to galvanize the community, county, and the state with the name “New Dominion” as our section name.

We are investing in our Future with the Family as our Focus. The programs and the activities support the mission of the National organization. We are concern about our country and all its people.  Recognizing and honoring the contributions of our ancestors, cultivating and creating our present, strengthening the vision to fortified and the future, we want to make the changes for the betterment.

Our website has captured NDS on the move through many venues. Please view and connect with us in person to learn more about our mission, our vision and the community that we serve.

As proclaimed by our founder, Mary McLeod Bethune, NCNW is an “organization of organizations”. Together there is strength to make all of our voices heard.  This is accomplished with our sections and affiliate organizations coming together as one.

Whether you are a member of one of the affiliate organizations, or not we invite you to join us. Our meetings are listed on this site and reminders are sent to those that would like to be reminded.


Thank you for stopping by. Looking forward to seeing you.


Love, Peace and Blessings,

Princess Powell-McEvilley

1st President, New Dominion Section



2021- The Year of Change

Stay in faith, the struggle brings strength to endure

“FOUR FOR THE FUTURE” - Promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math Education - Encourage Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and Economic Stability - Increase Good Health and Educate Women about HIV/AIDS - Support the Family