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Special Committee

NDS works tirelessly to ensure we are making an impact in the community we serve. The following committees are where all the magic happens. If you have any questions or would like more details about a committee, please contact NDS at

Communications Compliance Committee (C3)

The Communications Compliance Committee (C3) ensures the Section’s communications is consistent in messaging and branding. C3 advises on how to create communication products, approves those products to ensure they adhere to the Section’s policy and NCNW policies, and posts content on the social media/online platforms.

Education Committee

The Education Committee monitors and keeps the membership abreast of education issues that affect the community; informs the Section and public of programs that stimulate intellectual growth and promote diverse cultural activities. The Committee also attends community meetings, school board meetings, and any meeting pertaining to educational issues, as well as obtains information about financial resources for higher education and assists students in using those resources.

Fine Arts Committee

The Fine Arts Committee promotes cultural endeavors through events and local partnerships that uplifts and supports the Black community and its rich culture.

Health and Nutrition Committee

The Health and Nutrition Committee focuses on health concerns of the African American Community through health education like workshops, seminars and physical activities like 5k Runs.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee consists of recognition of Births, Birthdays, Graduations, Engagement, Sympathy, Weddings and any good news that our sisters of New Dominion Section NCNW want to share in celebration with us.

NDS Boutique Committee

The NDS Boutique Committee promotes all items, promotions, paraphernalia, and any other materials on behalf of the Section.

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee creates the scholarship criteria and scholarship committee process and logistics, as well as announces the scholarship opportunity in the community, and formally reveals the scholarship recipient at the annual NDS anniversary event.

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee promotes adoption of sound public policy through education and advocacy, as well as takes action on issues of public policy that affects the community.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee provides an open discussion and study of matters of interest which pertain to the delivery of information as it pertains to website and social media presence. The Committee collects, disseminates, and shares information via the social media and online platforms in coordination with the Communication Compliance Committee.

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